Silfur Engine # 5: The tests are not to be overlooked!

Hello everyone :)

Welcome to 5th devlog about the Silfur Engine. It happens very quickly after the previous one because it corrects an enormity that I did not see for lack of relevant tests.


Indeed, in the version of yesterday, the configuration of the logs during the production of the engine was imposed on the developers using the engine. This was not intended in the behavior and is counterproductive for people using the engine. It is necessary that users can configure at least the log system.


After an afternoon of thinking about it at work, the solution was obvious. It was necessary to create a set of configurable macros for the engine (and its developers) and a set of macros for developers using the engine in their application. And most importantly, do not make the engine macro set accessible to client applications. So I played with a preprocessor condition to handle this at compile time.

And finally, create 2 usable set of macros as in devlog #3 in 2 different headers to better find and maintain them.

In conclusion, be sure to test your development in a relevant way. See you soon for the next devlog promised on the subject of the devlog #4.

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